Home Burial

remembrance4For pet owners wishing to bury their pet at home, we recommend checking with their city or county government for specific regulations. Home burial may not be legal in some areas, and should not be considered in any short-term housing. There are also specific requirements for burial to be certain distances from water supply lines or water tables etc.

Pets buried at home should be placed in a heavy-duty plastic bag (often can be provided by request from your veterinarian). The bag should be securely sealed within a sturdy container such as a wooden, sturdy plastic, or metal box. The container should be buried according to local regulations, but at least three to six feet deep. Otherwise other animals and wildlife may be attracted to the area.

Unless otherwise directed, animals euthanized at our hospital are placed in a plastic-lined cardboard casket for transport.

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Normal Large Animal service ends at 1:00 pm on Saturdays. After hours Large Animal emergency service is available by calling our same phone number. After hours Small Animal service is available through Animal Emergency Care at 4176 Meridian St, Bellingham. Their phone number is 360-758-2200.