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    Magrath Joins Kulshan Small Animal Veterinarian Staff

    Apr 08 2015

    Kulshan Veterinary Hospital is pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Magrath has joined our small animal veterinary staff. Dr. Magrath, a Lynden native and 2013 graduate of Washington State University’s…

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    Confidence EQ: Equine Pheromone Therapy

    Mar 24 2015

    New Equine Product Review by Dr. David Sauter, DVM Kulshan Veterinary Hospital Pheromones are chemicals secreted by an animal whose purpose is to influence the behavior of the receiving animal…

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    Is It Time For A Veterinary Exam?

    Feb 16 2015

    By Jacob Hammon, DVM of Kulshan Veterinary Hospital Many times a day we receive calls with the general theme of, “Do you think my animal needs treatment?” On average, just…

  • Holidays

    Holiday Pet Survival Guide

    Nov 03 2014

    By Erin West, DVM Along with lots of fun, Kulshan Veterinary Hospital knows the holiday season brings lots of stressors. Kulshan’s doctors and staff don’t want your pet’s health to…

  • Horse-7

    Sarcoids: Common Horse Tumors

    Nov 02 2014

    Sarcoids are the most common skin tumor of horses seen by veterinarians across the nation including at Kulshan Veterinary Hospital. As many as one in ten horses will develop a…

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    Celebrating Our Senior Pets

    Oct 01 2014

    It goes without saying that senior pets enjoy an important position in the family because of their long-standing loyalty and devotion. We want to celebrate that relationship by offering to…

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    Equine Wellness: Routine Exam Promotes Overall Horse Health

    Oct 01 2014

    by Dr. David Sauter Having one of the veterinarians from Kulshan Veterinary Hospital perform a routine Wellness Examination on your horse is a great way to assess its overall health.…

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    Bringing Home A New Horse

    Aug 31 2014

    By Paul Schwab, D.V.M. I like to compare bringing a new horse into a stable to the new kid coming into a preschool or kindergarten. At some point there is…

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    Kulshan Veterinarian Gives Pet Rehabilitation Book Thumbs Up

    Jun 26 2014

    Dr. Jessica Bunch reviews new pet physical therapy book. Animal Rehabilitation As a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist at Kulshan Veterinary Hospital, I was recently asked by a publishing company to…

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    Arthritis: It Happens To Everyone

    Apr 30 2014

    By Erin West, DVM Kulshan Veterinary Hospital It happens to everyone. We get older and our joints begin to creak. One day we wake up stiff, then it progresses to…