Gordon Plotts, DVM

This year is my 43rd year as a Veterinarian. I could not have chosen a more satisfactory way to experience my working years. Over the years I have been privileged to work for a wonderful variety of animals and the people associated with them. I can truly say I enjoy both large and small animal Veterinary Medicine. Being part of a large group practice has made it possible for me to devote my working hours to large animal medicine while remaining connected to the other aspects of our practice. My herd health clients are some of the most successful and progressive in the country. This is a testimony to the dedication of the individuals I get to work with on a weekly basis. My equine patients and clients provide a wonderful diversity to what I do. I have a passion for Equine Dentistry and that has allowed me to connect with students as a mentor. All of us “old” guys are so flattered when young persons are interested in what we have to offer.

As my need to work full time has transitioned to very part time I am spending more time with my Grandchildren in Minnesota. More time staring over the end of a fishing pole waiting for a salmon or halibut to bite. More time working in my garden with Diane, to whom I will be married 48 years on our next anniversary. She has been a wonderful partner and a huge reason for our success and health. We hope to travel more, after spending time in the Holy Land in 2012 and recently on a road trip through the western states. Our two very spoiled cats are great lap sitters and TV watchers and makes me even more grateful to have chosen a profession that has connected me with animals. I very much believe that animals help us be better persons. Anyone who has had the gift of a soft horse nose nuzzling you when you begin an exam will know what I mean.


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